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This Blog is to provide an overview and news on a new project called Circus II. After completing a small project on Circus in 2010 I was approached by Leila Jones, Circus Director of the  Roundhouse in London. She wanted a photographer to come up with a series of images to accompany CircusFest 2012 an international celebration of all things Circus held at The Roundhouse. After coming up with an idea and applying for an Arts Council grant we set about contacting various acts to see if they would like to get involved.

from Circus I

It was my first time applying for a grant, so the process was slow but by July we had word that the grant had been approved. It wasn’t until the end of August that I was able to lock down the first shoot.

Through Leila,  I spoke with No Fit State Circus who were performing at the Eden project in Cornwall. The summer was coming to an end and as we needed lush green and rolling hills the time had to be now. So, with just a days notice my assistant Rory  and I headed off. The idea was that we would have 3 people forming a tower whilst birdwatching but on arrival we learned that one of the guys had injured themselves. But we had to try it out and though the human element faltered the location and weather was amazing. The result was good and a great start. A massive relief to finally put all the words into action.

Here is one that we like so far.

Birdwatching, Cornwall 2011

After the shoot in Cornwall I chased a troupe called Circolumbia whose artistic director I had already met through Leila. They had already proved hard to pin down mainly because they are a really popular act, constantly touring and also because they are based in South America. But on the 1st September we managed to get them to the Maiden Lane housing estate in London with the aim to fake a street fight. The locals and the staff of the community center made this a really enjoyable day. The language barrier proved difficult in trying to explain the concept but we persevered and the results show this.

Here are some great behind the scenes shots taken by Henna (thanks for volunteering..) but the final image is still in post production.

I really wanted horizontal..

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