Team Building


The project is progressing well and I am in discussion with two acts, So and So Circus who comprise Kaveh and Lauren and a young couple with the brilliant names of Nathan and Isis. After meeting with Kaveh and Lauren with only a sketch in my mind that we would stage the picture in some kind of conference room, I was inspired by their collection of stills from shows they have worked on.

In fact their input was brilliant, so by the end of the meeting we had decided to try and turn something really mundane into something unusual by finding a meeting room and staging a team building exercise with a difference.

So deciding to start with the biggest and work down I contacted the Excel Center in East London. Being a corporate business I didn’t expect much help and to begin with the they wanted to charge a fortune but in the end they generously gave us a huge room to stage shoot.

I was aided on the shoot this time by Naomi Reed a brilliant art director and props genius who even made up conference name badges. These touches made a real difference. Also along to help was Juliana Sergot who was the genius behind the makeup on the launderette shoot.

Thanks also to Rory Mulvey for brilliant assistance yet again..

and one with some more love..

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