A Sudden Gust of Wind


For years now i have always had a copy of Jeff Walls picture “A Sudden Gust of Wind” on my wall at home. This picture which I have included here is a homage to a Japanese painting by Hokusai. I wanted to continue that process of homage and relocate the idea once more but this time to the British seaside with a nod to Martin Parr.

So apologies to Hastings for adding all the litter. The acrobats were Conor Neall and Lucas Laboutin who braved a really cold day but also had to wait patiently as the weather changed dramatically from minute to minute.  Conors’s shape on the pole gives a real sense of a gust. Torrential rain meant that some additional material for the background wasn’t shot but the image here which is rough mockup is to invite comments. Now I’m back in the warm , I’m not sure it needs too much more added.Let me know.

Here are some more behind the scenes images..

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