Monthly Archives: March 2012

BBC Radio London

Listen up tonight……I’m a guest on BBC Radio London’s Late Show at 10pm….talking about my forthcoming circus exhibition at the Roundhouse…. http://www.bbc.co.uk/london/programmes

Old age and the end of the series.

The final idea and a way of bringing the series to a close was to imagine the twilight years and come up with a story that would capture the frustrations of old age and show that despite being slow and infirm our imaginations and desires are just as strong. Seventy year old acrobats are notorious;y hard to come by so we took the very young Conor and put him in the hands of Sam Norman a makeup artist with a […]

Inside BBC Radio

Last year I was commissioned to take some behind the scenes images for a BBC radio drama called “Life and Fate” . The idea was to concentrate on the stars of the show but I got very distracted by the studio itself. On first glance its very bland, but I started noticing the doors with 3 handles and 6 styles of lock and chain. Curiosity led me to open it,  to find that all that security was to prevent access […]