Inside BBC Radio

Last year I was commissioned to take some behind the scenes images for a BBC radio drama called “Life and Fate” . The idea was to concentrate on the stars of the show but I got very distracted by the studio itself. On first glance its very bland, but I started noticing the doors with 3 handles and 6 styles of lock and chain. Curiosity led me to open it,  to find that all that security was to prevent access to a plasterboard wall. But the real distraction, once I had the standard shot of actor emoting, was the woman using all manner of implements to create additional sound effects. I left with a seed firmly planted and vowed to return.

It turned out to be one of the easiest projects to set up, with the help of Anne Bunting who is the manager of the studios. My two main collaborators so far are Jenni and Alison the main technicians for radio drama. They have been providing me with anecdotes and favourite set ups for each shot.

For now I am going to publish the images with little explanation of the effects involved. Often they are self explanatory but I’m hoping we can get more obscure as time goes on. The aim is to set these up on their own website with the relevant sound effects added afterwards, maybe layered with extra effects from tape to complete the picture.

Alison Resting

Jenni Floating

Historical Accuracy


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