Old age and the end of the series.

The final idea and a way of bringing the series to a close was to imagine the twilight years and come up with a story that would capture the frustrations of old age and show that despite being slow and infirm our imaginations and desires are just as strong.

Seventy year old acrobats are notorious;y hard to come by so we took the very young Conor and put him in the hands of Sam Norman a makeup artist with a wide range of skills. His paramour or glamorous assistant in the shot is Margot Edwards a model who totally immerses herself in the roll.

The location was chosen for its new build sheen and blandness. Its a bi obvious but here are some before and after images of Conor.

Sam doing her thing.

Nearly there.

We played around with various poses and with Margot pleading and trying to save Conor but landed on taking the shot just as he loses hold and starts to come out of the action. Apologies to Conor as fellow acrobats will criticise the lack of pointed toes but its deliberate to give the impression of someone who is a little unsteady in his later years. I just love the simple support that Margot is giving whilst still looking a little lost. Well done everyone.

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