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Thanks to Bea and Simon for quickly putting this video together of the night.. [wpvideo 0jG0Cvlq]

Private View

Its the morning after so this will be quick.. Thanks to everyone who made the effort and came to the private view last night. It was pretty busy for such a large space and the atmosphere was great, helped along by some fantastic improvised circus from Damiano and Alice who performed some adaptedĀ  pieces form their act “Dirty Laundry” which is on now at the Arts Depot, Finchley. Miranda Gavin from Hotshoe magazine was at the exhibition and has written […]

Some New Sound Effects

I returned to the BBC radio studio yesterday and found a new collaborator called Cal. Also did some more work with Alyson and began some of the still life work which I hope will give another dimension to this project. I’m not going to say anything about these images but would love to hear some ideas about what people think is going on….


Getting the press to take notice. I have been working for Timeout, The Times Magazine and The Observer for a few years and have a great relationship with the art directors and picture editors on all of them. Yet, it was the editors on all these magazine who we had to persuade that the exhibition was worth a third of a page . The picture editors were wholly supportive and at one point The Times wanted me to shoot Florence […]


The series is finished and is now hanging on the main entrance at The Roundhouse. The effort required to safely hang these pictures has been enormous and my late post of this site down to that. The pictures were printed by Spencer at Digilab London who have been invaluable in getting me the best prices and taking into account that we had to still have really high quality prints. They are printed on a Hannemuhle matt art paper which I […]