The series is finished and is now hanging on the main entrance at The Roundhouse. The effort required to safely hang these pictures has been enormous and my late post of this site down to that.

The pictures were printed by Spencer at Digilab London who have been invaluable in getting me the best prices and taking into account that we had to still have really high quality prints. They are printed on a Hannemuhle matt art paper which I not only use in my portfolio but it made the prints very non reflective as the sunlight bursts in through the roof at the roundhouse and at night we only had the existing spotlights to light them with.

They measure 80 inches (just over 2 meters to anyone under 35) on the longest edge and we decided partly down to cost and also health and safety to just baton the images top and bottom . A crazy rigger called Lee kindly agreed to go up a ladder the 40 feet to attach bolts to the inner girders of the Roundhouse and from these we hoisted them up like flags.

Rather than explain…

It took us 2 days and seeing them up there , as I expected , was deeply satisfying. the decision to try and fill these huge walls was something brave. Not brave like Lee the rigger, but all along I had the fear that the image might get lost or be overshadowed by the building. But they really compliment each other and in the context of the festival they provide to the spectator who arrives for a show, a promise of something thrilling and strange.

29th March 2012

Tonight was the official launch of the festival and a chance to get some feedback from my guests and also from people who had come to see the show. It also was a chance to see the images at night and have a few drinks with some of the people who have been instrumental in making this happen. So apart from the acts who I have mentioned in previous posts, I also want to thank Rory Mulvey my long time assistant, Adam Orzechowski whose photoshop skills gave them their terrific finish, Alyson Jones my agent who has been promoting this with all her energy and from the Roundhouse, Leila Jones and Flora Herberich for persuading everyone to take part, including me..

Private View is 18th April 2012. If you have been following this blog and are interested then drop me a line/email if you want to come..



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