Getting the press to take notice.

I have been working for Timeout, The Times Magazine and The Observer for a few years and have a great relationship with the art directors and picture editors on all of them. Yet, it was the editors on all these magazine who we had to persuade that the exhibition was worth a third of a page . The picture editors were wholly supportive and at one point The Times wanted me to shoot Florence + the Machine on a swing amongst sea containers! but it was February..

Emails came back that their editors thought the project had some impact,  but they would not commit in case of something more newsworthy. I had meetings with Timeout where we discussed a unique cover in the style of the series to coincide with the festival opening. But nothing happened…

..then Tony Bell at the Observer rang me the week of the opening and kindly passed me on to their online arts editor, who was full of praise and promised we would have an online gallery that weekend:


The photographs, also then appeared in the New Review section of the Observer newspaper that Sunday,  with four pictures featured. The same day The Saturday Times review rang wanting quotes for a feature in their Saturday Review called “My Space”. In the meantime we have had a mention in the Royal Photographic Society Magazine and at the end of April the AOP (Association of Photographers) will be featuring five images in their monthly magazine..

A small mention must go to the fact I even went on live radio to discuss the project with Joanne Good of BBC London. I got to say my piece but was unfortunately pushed into unwanted territory.

Its no longer available on iPlayer. Which I’m not sorry about.



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