Monthly Archives: May 2012

Publications_Circus II

The exhibition is down but the prints have still garnered some more attention from Image, the magazine of the Association of Photographers where the tightrope image graced the front cover. with a 5 page feature inside. At the same time I as featured in F2 magazine, which is dedicated to freelance photographers. The feature wasn’t just about the project and covered my editorial and television work. The opening page page gave nice coverage to the Launderette image but I’m still […]

Foley Update

The Circus project has been all consuming but I have still managed to squeeze in some Foley time at the BBC drama studios. But its time to change the front page and immerse myself in the world of sound once more. So lets start with some salmon fishing.. and to celebrate.. I Have been introduced to two new technicians at the studio, Keith and Colin and the new talent are as keen as Alison and Jenny. See if you can […]