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Channel4 in keeping with their public service remit have had the good sense to send me to the outer reaches of the isles and across the class divide in a series of commissions for their documentary strand.. To begin was Made in Bradford. Meeting the contributors to the films before the film has aired means that you have no preconceptions of their personality or their views. Its interesting too as some of them feel that theĀ  shots used for publicity are their first step to fame and that’s something you need to control if the portraits are to reflect the program and not that persons agenda.

Apologies to Bradford Tourist Board but it did rain for 2 days..

From Bradford to the aristocracy…comment will have to wait.

The round Britain trip continued with some strange pictures for the new series called The Audience. I like the viewers had no idea what to expect but was intrigued when told they need an image that would capture the concept of 50 strangers following someone around for a week.

Logistical nightmare and all done in less than half an hour as the shoots had to take place over lunch..

Following on from this was the chance to do some portraits with the emergency services of Blackpool for another new show called 999. Simple portraits to accompany the more heroic composite shot of the services in action. These were quieter moments in their places of work or on the beat. And we got to taste the nightlife of Blackpool knowing we had these guys watching our back..

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