March 2013

I’ve done it again and left it too long to know where to start..so November and December will be ignored but not forgotten.

..lets start with some nice editorial projects courtesy of Ink publishing and their Eurostar magazine.

The first was a hugely enjoyable series of portraits of chefs and their tattoos. But not content with just any old tattoos the mag wanted food or kitchen inspired tattoos. I will let them speak for themselves but suffice to say a t-bone steak in the shape of Brasil sounds nice on a plate the jury’s out if its on a mans chest.

Ink_1Ink_2Nice legs..

the other idea they threw  at me was a series of portraits of David Bowie fans and involved a day on London and day in a Paris studio where true to form everyone was really skinny, wore black and smoked. I suggested we project images of Bowie onto our subjects, which although not original proved to be effective here with some nice synergy between the people and Bowie. It was very low fi, so no makeup artist or stylist , just people coming form work and getting into the idea..



Commissions from The Observer and The Times have been thin on the ground, no surprises..

(sorry) which bring us neatly  to Thom Yorke. For Observer Review..it was very last minute and would have loved to have done something with more of an idea attached but my attempts to get him involved on the day were batted back. During the shoot I persisted , as did Thom , who insisted that ideas need to be put on the table weeks before and discussed, with which I completely agreed and so so admitted defeat. Otherwise it was really relaxed and he seemed in no hurry to wind it up..


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