Up now but just for a few more days are two billboards and digital six sheets across the country for two one off plays commissioned for Sky Arts. The first features Vanessa Redgrave and Stephen Graham in a soft tone that belies the slightly dark nature of the film but hinted at in the wallpaper which if you look closely is not all that it seems. The second features Kylie Minogue , Matt Horne and Peter Serafinowicz who all play highly strung actors in an amateur dramatic production of a play about Andy Warhol.

Nick Allen from Sky Creative was art director and calmly coped with a logistical nightmare involving 4 shoots over several weeks, Leicester , London and New York. Adam Orzechowski did the retouching and Adele Rider from Shoot orchestrated the production. Its normally all about me, but this was a team effort…joke btw

10542 Playhouse - HDD Call Out HD48 JC Decaux 48 Sheet 2990x605010542 Playhouse - HDD Call Out HD48 JC Decaux 48 Sheet 2990x6050A new post to follow soon

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