Wiggery and Clowns


I’m delighted to now feature,  finally the results of a recent collaboration with Shaun McGrath, a friend and hair stylist who has been producing amazing “wigs” for the last few years. I put wigs in inverted commas because they are more like head sculptures that resemble wigs. “Safety Pins” uses 9000 of them to create a classic “bob” and almost 8000 miniature paper planes were used in the office scene,. We had one of the pictures featured in a group exhibition, “The Wing Assignment” before Christmas but shown last night for the first time were the three we have completed so far. Its been a wholly creative enterprise for both of us where our styles seem to compliment each other. Watch this space for news of the new creations which feature glass, electrical wiring and possibly taxidermy.


planesAlso displayed for the first time last night was the commission the venue asked me to do as an addition to the “Everyday People” series. Limited to the venue itself I was keen to finally do something that featured clowning. I was put in touch with Angela de Castro a legend in clowning circles and a talented circus performer called Alcina Mendes who threw herself into the part of a frustrated cleaner.

CanteenIts colourful, dynamic and hopefully fun.

Go see it big and visit the exhibition which will be up till the 20th July…..

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