How to Have Sex On The Radio.

Saturday 7th December 2013

My project on the sound effect technicians in radio drama was published in The Saturday Times, I took a punt and showed it to Eithne Staunton who being a picture editor was thrilled and wanted to put it in front of the Magazine’s main editor, To my surprise she also thought it worthy of a real spread and in the end it got 5 pages. Here are some extracts and a few more of the images as well as a short animated version of the project with sound effects..


‘” “Smashing melons, throwing baguettes, faking sex scenes with a hole punch – all part of a day’s work for a spot effects expert

When photographer Phil Fisk first arrived at a sound stage deep within the BBC’s Broadcasting House, it was to shoot one of the biggest names in British drama. Kenneth Branagh was appearing in a radio production of Vasily Grossman’s epic Life and Fate, and Fisk had been tasked with providing some publicity photos. He was hanging around, half-watching Branagh and the other actors as they read from their scripts, when he noticed there was somebody else on the stage. “It was this woman,” he says. “First she was stirring cups of tea. Then she was slamming down phones. Then she was running up and down stairs, making all these little noises in the background. I kept watching her, frantically moving around, and I completely lost interest in what the actors were saying. I was just fascinated by what she was doing.” “” 

From Ben Machell’s accompanying article in The Saturday Times Magazine 7th December 2013.

[wpvideo Hk4kaDB9]

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