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Unable to release a lot of images as they are embargoed but on a weekly basis The Times and Observer have been throwing some nice portraits at me.

The Times images are not released yet but soon will be and involved a trip to Cologne to meet an art forger. Posted here for now are Thomassina Miers for the OFM a specialist in Mexican food..

and food writer Anissa Helou in her East London flat.


OFM_Miers_41713and in the beautifully restored Manchester Central Library a very humble Guy Garvey of Elbow..

OBserver_Garvy_and in the weekend just gone an image of coding guru Kathryn Parsons for which we had our own “code” gobos made, something so old fashioned that I didn’t think it could be done anymore

but Rosco in South London are brilliant and its not that expensive.


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