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I’m finally happy to launch my new website which was live this week. It does happily feature a lot of new work especially some experimental short films that I have been testing with.

As well as the site I have embarked on a new project which I am planning to drip feed into the public domain because like any project I think it needs some publicity to get me access and to generate excitement, hopefully amongst possible subjects.

So in keeping with this philosophy I will just publish one image and combine that with a tweet and hashtag and that will be it…@phil_fisk #roundabout


The National Theatre has again been gracing its walls with images that almost seemed impossible when we got the brief. A Taste of Honey was shot on a cold morning in East London chosen purely for the cobbles and the rest we managed to shoot on several different streets on a day out in Manchester. Then we had the unenviable task to find 1950’s and 60’s signage with the usual limited budget. I was hoping they could just update the play to the present day at one stage. However we finally made a sketch that fitted together , creating a street and a perspective that worked, but it was down to retouch skills of Adam Orzechowski that we blended elements that came from old scanned film, different lighting conditions and different cities. Now I have said this the errors will become glaringly apparent…


The next challenge was A Small Family Business involving a forklift truck and a twenty thousand quid in used 1980’s £20 Notes…this was a fun one though.


And in the next  few weeks look out for a series of reportage style images promoting a new NT play by Richard Bean and starring Billie Piper. Three captured moments that involve the press, senior police officers and millionaire tycoons….

Editorially I have shot Jamie Oliver again but this time for the tech monthly. I couldn’t make him cry again but still had some fun making him eat a plate of spaghetti wires and cables.

Observer_oliver_123and for The Saturday Times magazine  a couple portraits which I like for being very open in their brief and involved going to people homes and shooting something that captured their story. In these cases the growing problem

of young adults living at home into their thirties and coping with elderly parents. I love the look the parents are giving each other..


People1_02and finally, risking a blog that is too long I had the strange pleasure of photographing a couple who for years have been the most prolific art forgers in the world. The shoot took place

in their studio near Cologne, Germany whilst on day release from their 5 year sentence (the artists, not me of course). The interesting thing was they did not “copy” any existing works but took years to mimic the style

of established artists and produce “new” undiscovered works of art. They concocted a rather flimsy back story that these works were lost during the wars but the art world desperate

for sales verified these works as authentic. Not wanting to admit they had been duped the article estimates that hundreds of these paintings are still in circulation and gracing the

walls of art galleries around the world. Their names are Wolfgang and Helena Beltracchi..look it up.


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4 Responses

  1. Hi Phil, I really like your work, in particular the portrait of Paddy Considine that appeared in the Observer 7.9.14. I’m a retired art teacher and portrait painter, I think your photograph would make a great oil portrait. I don’t like working from other peoples photographs without asking permission first, so would it be alright by you to use your photograph as the basis for a painting?


    Owen Lennox.

    If it’s OK I’ll also contact Paddy Considine before I start, cheers.

    • Hi Owen
      of course is the simple answer..im not sure you need to contact Paddy but as with me its a nice gesture and shows that people are appreciating the images in the supplements still..
      once done could you just make a cameraphone image which I could also put on the blog..thanks again

  2. Thanks very much, the painting is looking good I can post a photograph of work in progress, hope to have it finished by the weekend, cheers Owen.

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