Flashbacks and Comebacks..

Last weekend saw the publication of two portraits that I’m not only proud to blog about but both meetings were also proof that pop stars public images rarely equate to their actual personality.

Jamie T was as unpretentious as a guy with so much talent can get. He was uncomfortable with the staged shots, though I still think they captured his essence and the magazine chose to publish the candid shots as he waxed lyrical in his studio space. Animated and funny as he was they chose this one looking “thoughtful”. I like this set of images but feel slightly disappointed that they don’t represent what I normally do.


We had the run of a recording studio too so I had to take the opportunity to recreate one of my BBC radio sound technician images and rearranged the sound baffles and mics accordingly.


The one in the lift I love and is testament to what you can do with such low light and simple shapes. Out of maybe thirty frames this is the only one I would have shown as all the rest felt like I had forced him into the space.

JamieT_030In reverse chronology, the Times Magazine published an image I had taken the week before of Bernard Sumner of New Order. Knowing that as a band they refused to do encores and didn’t do merchandise and that they never (maybe once) appeared on their record sleeves I assumed that this was going to be a hard one , and harder still as I was about to meet someone who I admired and been a huge fan of their music for years. Being hired by the magazine is not the same as being chosen by either a label or the artist to handle their image and beyond an early attempt at doing press shots for Rough Trade Records my contact with musicians has been limited. So it was a huge relief   that Bernard had even taken the time to look at my website and a long and fruitful discussion ensued that I think ended in trust on both sides. The shots we took at a hut in a nearby park are my favorite  and this was the reason for the title of this blog as Bernard had a flashback on route triggered by a passing stranger  (Jamie T is the comeback by the way) though his current autobiography will shed more light on this than I can sensibly divulge..


Paddy Considine studied photography before falling into acting. The Observer magazine ran a feature on him in early September.  The portrait they ran was good for lighting and fairly flattering but I wanted to show also a shot that was maybe too busy for magazine protocol and out focus too.

Observer_Considine_51141Can I also mention that an artist contacted me called Owen Lennox who is doing an oil version of this one which I will tweet once it is finished. The work in progress already looks great.

Observer_Considine_51098Aware that this entry is getting long I want to include a recent commission for Wired Magazine and say what a pleasure it was working with studio Githero (www.glithero.com) Inventive and very creative and pleased that they and the magazine felt I captured their playful spirit.

Wired Designers50891-Recovered Wired Designers50798_2and I think it good to end with another unpublished image of the Team Sky boss Dave Brailsford. Shot in Corcosonne, during the Tour de France. “Why by a roundabout?” demanded the publicist, “because I like roundabouts.”I replied. Despite the publicists best efforts to quash the idea, Brailsford, it seems, also likes roundabouts…and why wouldn’t he?


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