I needed something to do in January as it is notoriously quiet and I have  barely woken from the slumber of Christmas. Luckily the lovely Janette at BAFTA called to say that they are putting on a small exhibition of photographers work that has been commissioned over the last couple of decades. Its a group exhibition featuring many notable photographers who I will conveniently NOT mention here. So if anyone actually reads this or looks at my Twitter the images will be up at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly for the public on the 24th and 25th of January and a live auction will on the 30th January by Bonham’s Auctioneers. Here is one of the images  they are auctioning and I will be at the venue on Sunday the 25th for a Q and A around 2pm..

BAFTA_Banksy_ 39082 2

As we are discussing auctions here is a composite image I am rather pleased with as it is never easy to to do these things especially in a real location that stays open to the public..it was for a Channel4 documentary about The Lots road auction house. You don’t have to be crazy to work here but…

Ch4_Lots Rd_299and whilst on a theme, some more eccentric people going about their business at Liberty’s of London..

Liberty2_comp1_colourLet me introduce a couple of comedians. This is Noel Fielding by the way..and an image that had everyone present in stitches. The mag didn’t publish this one as they were obsessed with the issue having a Xmas theme or reference. I don’t hate Xmas like I used to but in an age when it’s forced down our throat for months then I get a bit upset that intelligent magazines still want tinsel in their images..but I’m sure there is a mountain of marketing evidence that will prove I am in the minority..so it goes..

Observer_fielding_55685    and this guy is Mickey Flanagan…returning to Victoria Park East London where he grew up..”you can almost see my Dad’s house from here. “..

Times_Flannagan_55214and we now jump from the ridiculous to the sublime..and wish I had some gripe with this shoot but it was polite , courteous and professional, Redmayne is a gentleman. Which on reflection is a gripe..sorry but I want my film stars difficult and ungrateful.

Observer_Redmayne_57212 Observer_Redmayne_57028

I want to end on a portrait of Glenn Ligon an artist from New York..goodbye



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