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Blag because thats half the game when trying to pull off personal shoots. In the best possible way of course. Its how you get twelve really keen naked people to pose for you for a start. So here finally is the second in my series of Roundabouts featuring members of the Diogenes Sun Club. The project is a playful delve into our national heritage and character and how from a high vantage point it’s been carved up into a series of interlocking lines and circles. I just thought what about all that space in the middle of these enchanting rings, what was it and what could it be used for. Watch this space..


and how to blag half a dozen druids and a stone circle..a work in progress.


Quick brag, as I just had two covers this weekend for the Observer Food and The Observer Magazine.  The magazine featured the mercurial and playful artist Carsten Holler (sorry about the umlaut)

which was a perfect shoot in may ways, involving an artist, a load of pills, a few Fly Agarit mushrooms and an empty space to fill. I have shot him before and was surprised again at how relaxed he was.

Oberver_Holler_60692 Oberver_Holler_60706
You see I am getting to like the background colour effect. Quite a lot actually and so I had to use it again for the OFM piece on young healthy food bloggers. Adorable and sweet as they were anyone who knows me will understand why I don’t have a lot to converse about when it come to quinoa and kale but needless to say I bored Carsten to death with my tales of psycho active food stuffs and their energy giving properties. Its a matter of taste.

OFM_YoungChefs_61340 OFM_YoungChefs_61411-Recovered OFM_YoungChefs_61460 OFM_YoungChefs_61657

The Donmar warehouse in tandem with a broadcast on Channel 4 did nothing to save the nation from another five years of Tory rule but I got to meet some very funny actors and produced this poster for the theatre and which was used by Channel 4 publicity.

Ch4_TheVote_Final2and a big thanks to Simon Corkin at Sky Creative for getting me in to do this seasons press campaign for Stella.


Svetlana Lokhova took on a bank over sexism and bullying and if you believe the headlines she won. Believe me, she has not and the bank will not let her rest. 


The calm Rick Stein in Padstow for the OFM.

Stein__048Ending on a couple of snaps from my own seaside break as a sea mist suddenly descended on us in Broadstairs.



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