BAFTA – A Celebration of Creative Talents Behind The Camera

  • 8 Weeks 16 PORTRAITS , 8 STILL LIFES and 3 TALKS

I should have documented this as I was going along but when you have so little time and you are trying to shoot, plan , produce and have ideas as well..you can’t do everything. The project was instigated by me about 2 years ago after taking “How to have Sex on the Radio (The Art of Sound)” to Janette Dalley, photography director at BAFTA.My argument was that if radio sound effects can be interesting what about the SFX and production teams behind modern cinema? BAFTA were keen but were looking for funding from within the film industry though waiting for this was holding things up quite a bit.In the end BAFTA thought it was worth doing anyway and they kindly supported the project on the basis that it be included in the 2016 Film Awards Brochure which will be published next week.This was fantastic news but it meant we didn’t get the green light until the beginning of November 2015. Here is a  small selection and some stills from the exhibition which was open to the public for 2 days in January and Ive just been informed by BAFTA that almost 2500 people came through the door.

 Wednesday 11th November 2015 Terry Gilliam


a picture inspired by “Where The Wild Things Are ” by Maurice Sendak

Where the Wild Things Are

The project took us across the sea to Los Angeles with a statuette that had a better seat than me.



Some of the ranges were conceived and executed in very little time. Hoyta the cinematographer was based on an illustrated film poster for “Man With a movie Camera”,


where the camera and the body are morphed together but instead chose to utilise the intense shadows of California.


22nd November 2015

We shoot Andy Serkis in The Ovaltine Cafe, Vancouver and model it on the classic diner scenes of Edward Hopper



Tuesday 24th November 2015

Behind the scenes  with the WETA team working on Planet of The Apes


 7th December  2015

Jaqueline Abrahams, Production Designer “The Lobster”, East London


The project also gave us fantastic opportunities to capture some still life and SFX guru Niell Gorton gave us access to his stores to make this.


The complete series was featured in The Independent , The Observer Review and interviews with me on London Live and BBC Radio London.

The open weekend included talks by me about the inspiration for the images and a talk with Terry Gilliam about photography and film. The latter can be seen at bafta.org.

The overriding inspiration was the work of Phillippe Halsman who seemed to just ask for and get whatever he wanted. I don’t have his reputation or access but I decided early on to just act as if I did and weirdly it worked as people became inspired by the ideas.



A really enjoyable and challenging eight weeks and hopefully something that can be continued..

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