Monthly Archives: February 2017


  These birds seem to be coming a  bit of an obsession with me. Nevertheless I felt the series should have a non human element. Of course the bird isn’t really playing with food, its playing with its potential offspring. Clearly this is just me playing with food. Building the eggs up took the time and the bird just hit its mark like an eagle. Tomorrow I celebrate the unsung heroine of the culinary world, the waitress.

Do Play With Your Food.

Continuing on the theme I next ventured into the art of steaming and boiling and in a “post-truth” world thought it would be wise to reveal the method. No one was hurt or scalded but the sauce pan is now a sieve. A big thanks to Barry who endured the vapours for so long. and on tomorrows menu we have chicken..

Don’t Play With Your Food.

  After years shooting portraits of Chefs I wanted to try something that wasn’t so focused on the personality in front of the camera. So this set of images are ideas that that for all sorts of obvious reasons I couldn’t inflict on Gordon Ramsey et al,  though,  to be fair I didn’t ask. The aim was to take the act of doing something in the kitchen and turn it into a performance. I felt it was a continuation of the Sound […]