Don’t Play With Your Food.


After years shooting portraits of Chefs I wanted to try something that wasn’t so focused on the personality in front of the camera. So this set of images are ideas that that for all sorts of obvious reasons I couldn’t inflict on Gordon Ramsey et al,  though,  to be fair I didn’t ask. The aim was to take the act of doing something in the kitchen and turn it into a performance. I felt it was a continuation of the Sound Effects project where technicians acted out sounds but I wanted to get away from the mess and grime of the kitchen and give it less documentary  feel. So I used actors instead to perform a task and to lose themselves in pasta making or laying a table. So still fairly  banal things  but taken to an extreme level of “play” , distilled to the basic elements and frozen in camera with very little trickery which as I release them this week I will reveal as an “alternative truth” . I love playing with food.


Here is PASTA ..




and an alternative : Tomorrow we will be STEAMING.



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