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How to Have Sex On The Radio.

Saturday 7th December 2013 My project on the sound effect technicians in radio drama was published in The Saturday Times, I took a punt and showed it to Eithne Staunton who being a picture editor was thrilled and wanted to put it in front of the Magazine’s main editor, To my surprise she also thought it worthy of a real spread and in the end it got 5 pages. Here are some extracts and a few more of the images […]

Foley Update

The Circus project has been all consuming but I have still managed to squeeze in some Foley time at the BBC drama studios. But its time to change the front page and immerse myself in the world of sound once more. So lets start with some salmon fishing.. and to celebrate.. I Have been introduced to two new technicians at the studio, Keith and Colin and the new talent are as keen as Alison and Jenny. See if you can […]

Some New Sound Effects

I returned to the BBC radio studio yesterday and found a new collaborator called Cal. Also did some more work with Alyson and began some of the still life work which I hope will give another dimension to this project. I’m not going to say anything about these images but would love to hear some ideas about what people think is going on….

Inside BBC Radio

Last year I was commissioned to take some behind the scenes images for a BBC radio drama called “Life and Fate” . The idea was to concentrate on the stars of the show but I got very distracted by the studio itself. On first glance its very bland, but I started noticing the doors with 3 handles and 6 styles of lock and chain. Curiosity led me to open it,  to find that all that security was to prevent access […]