How to Have Sex On The Radio.

Saturday 7th December 2013 My project on the sound effect technicians in radio drama was published in The Saturday Times, I took a punt and showed it to Eithne Staunton who being a picture editor was thrilled and wanted to put it in front of the Magazine’s main editor, To my surprise she also thought it worthy of a real spread and in the end it got 5 pages. Here are some extracts and a few more of the images […]

The Last Few Months

It has been ages since I caught up so here is huge list of images that I been busy with. three weeks ago I got to shoot The Arctic Monkeys for the Observer Review.. Kevin Systrom co founder of Instagram for The Times at The National Portrait gallery. Channel 4 have just made a documentary about Liberty’s of London.. Also for Ch4 a commission about the west end with staged back stage scenarios if that makes any sense.. and a […]

Wiggery and Clowns

I’m delighted to now feature,  finally the results of a recent collaboration with Shaun McGrath, a friend and hair stylist who has been producing amazing “wigs” for the last few years. I put wigs in inverted commas because they are more like head sculptures that resemble wigs. “Safety Pins” uses 9000 of them to create a classic “bob” and almost 8000 miniature paper planes were used in the office scene,. We had one of the pictures featured in a group […]

Preview Night at Stratford Circus : Everyday People and other work.

If you would like to come then please RSVP to Alyson@alyson-jones.com.

John Smith Album Cover

Released this month is the new album from musical artist John Smith for which I did the album artwork. His manager Bernadette Barratt contacted me to find a day for some portraits for press with the suggestion I sit down and discuss some ideas with John for the album cover. It was brilliant to be given very little in the way of a brief, but to just suggest the kinds of things I like and what was inspired by just […]


Up now but just for a few more days are two billboards and digital six sheets across the country for two one off plays commissioned for Sky Arts. The first features Vanessa Redgrave and Stephen Graham in a soft tone that belies the slightly dark nature of the film but hinted at in the wallpaper which if you look closely is not all that it seems. The second features Kylie Minogue , Matt Horne and Peter Serafinowicz who all play […]

March 2013

I’ve done it again and left it too long to know where to start..so November and December will be ignored but not forgotten. ..lets start with some nice editorial projects courtesy of Ink publishing and their Eurostar magazine. The first was a hugely enjoyable series of portraits of chefs and their tattoos. But not content with just any old tattoos the mag wanted food or kitchen inspired tattoos. I will let them speak for themselves but suffice to say a […]

Ch4_Consistently Random

Channel4 in keeping with their public service remit have had the good sense to send me to the outer reaches of the isles and across the class divide in a series of commissions for their documentary strand.. To begin was Made in Bradford. Meeting the contributors to the films before the film has aired means that you have no preconceptions of their personality or their views. Its interesting too as some of them feel that the  shots used for publicity […]

June Update

In May The Saturday Times published my portraits of Gazza and in the Observer Food Monthly a new chef destined for great things, Ollie Dabbous. In a similar vein the publicity shots for a new BBC comedy called “Dead Boss” were released with Sharon Horgan in the lead..

Other Work 2012

The Circus and the Art of Sound project have dominated the blog since it started but there have been other shoots and some of the more interesting or high profile ones are below. In January I shot Florence Welch for The Saturday Times Magazine at Spring Studios.. At the same time the magazine sent me to shoot portraits of dentists which was tied up with a series of articles they were running on the beauty industry. A return to musicians […]