The project was a response to the pandemic. I wanted to allude to the concept of being apart but still remaining connected. The film and photographs are about the connection that remains between two people despite a barrier.  It was important to explore human emotion in a powerful, positive and ultimately uplifting way not to be stuck in a nostalgic loop, showing a barrier in a negative way. The strength of the relationship is the focus.

As with my other personal projects I also shot stills to accompany the film. The lighting and colour tones are created during the photographic set up as I am always attempting to recreate my photographic style within the motion work. The stills also were an opportunity to create more static and personal portraits of the two dancers with their unique looks and personalities.

The entire project was shot during the lockdown but after restrictions had been lifted to allow some industry return. Inevitably some of these restrictions would limit what we could achieve but instead I chose to turn this on its head and make these barriers part of the story. 

The direction of the film was simple, to leave the dancers opportunities to improvise in the space we had created. There is a meeting, a build up to the connect and inevitably a parting. The physical actions in the film between the two extraordinary dancers are an attempt to convey a mixture of emotions, from frustration, intrigue to excitement with a little sexual tension.

Photographer/Director: Phil Fisk

DOP: Adrian Wolfson

Composer:  Ali Friend

Stylist: Victoria Twyman

Make Up Artist: Juliana Sergot

First Assistant: Rory Mulvey

Digital Technician: Berit Von Enoch

Remote Capture: Raw Capture

Studio: Park Village Studios




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