These birds seem to be coming a  bit of an obsession with me. Nevertheless I felt the series should have a non human element. Of course the bird isn’t really playing with food, its playing with its potential offspring. Clearly this is just me playing with food. Building the eggs up took the time and the bird just hit its mark like an eagle. Tomorrow I celebrate the unsung heroine of the culinary world, the waitress.

Do Play With Your Food.

Continuing on the theme I next ventured into the art of steaming and boiling and in a “post-truth” world thought it would be wise to reveal the method. No one was hurt or scalded but the sauce pan is now a sieve. A big thanks to Barry who endured the vapours for so long. and on tomorrows menu we have chicken..

Don’t Play With Your Food.

  After years shooting portraits of Chefs I wanted to try something that wasn’t so focused on the personality in front of the camera. So this set of images are ideas that that for all sorts of obvious reasons I couldn’t inflict on Gordon Ramsey et al,  though,  to be fair I didn’t ask. The aim was to take the act of doing something in the kitchen and turn it into a performance. I felt it was a continuation of the Sound […]

BAFTA – A Celebration of Creative Talents Behind The Camera

8 Weeks 16 PORTRAITS , 8 STILL LIFES and 3 TALKS I should have documented this as I was going along but when you have so little time and you are trying to shoot, plan , produce and have ideas as well..you can’t do everything. The project was instigated by me about 2 years ago after taking “How to have Sex on the Radio (The Art of Sound)” to Janette Dalley, photography director at BAFTA.My argument was that if radio sound effects […]

Brag Blag Blog

Blag because thats half the game when trying to pull off personal shoots. In the best possible way of course. Its how you get twelve really keen naked people to pose for you for a start. So here finally is the second in my series of Roundabouts featuring members of the Diogenes Sun Club. The project is a playful delve into our national heritage and character and how from a high vantage point it’s been carved up into a series of interlocking lines […]


I needed something to do in January as it is notoriously quiet and I have  barely woken from the slumber of Christmas. Luckily the lovely Janette at BAFTA called to say that they are putting on a small exhibition of photographers work that has been commissioned over the last couple of decades. Its a group exhibition featuring many notable photographers who I will conveniently NOT mention here. So if anyone actually reads this or looks at my Twitter the images […]

Flashbacks and Comebacks..

Last weekend saw the publication of two portraits that I’m not only proud to blog about but both meetings were also proof that pop stars public images rarely equate to their actual personality. Jamie T was as unpretentious as a guy with so much talent can get. He was uncomfortable with the staged shots, though I still think they captured his essence and the magazine chose to publish the candid shots as he waxed lyrical in his studio space. Animated […]

New Website

I’m finally happy to launch my new website which was live this week. It does happily feature a lot of new work especially some experimental short films that I have been testing with. As well as the site I have embarked on a new project which I am planning to drip feed into the public domain because like any project I think it needs some publicity to get me access and to generate excitement, hopefully amongst possible subjects. So in […]

Food and Books

Unable to release a lot of images as they are embargoed but on a weekly basis The Times and Observer have been throwing some nice portraits at me. The Times images are not released yet but soon will be and involved a trip to Cologne to meet an art forger. Posted here for now are Thomassina Miers for the OFM a specialist in Mexican food.. and food writer Anissa Helou in her East London flat. and in the beautifully restored […]

Shooting Gallery

I wanted to post up this portrait of Aoife Mcardle a video director who has been named “one to watch” in 2014 by an Irish magazine called State. The brutal exterior of the Hackney marshes changing rooms seemed right on a grey and wet day in East London.  Video cameras followed us around wherever we moved. this was followed by some nice commissions from the team at The Saturday Times who have been coming back for more environmental portraits rather […]